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We Are Trivia Ninjas

TRIVIA NINJAS is a Central Minnesota-based DJ entertainment company, specializing in hand-crafted trivia contests for:

— bars and restaurants on slow nights;

— tournaments;

— conferences;

— holiday parties;

— school events;

— team-building,

— bar mitzvahs and brit milahs. (Okay, so we haven’t done any bar mitzvahs or brit milahs yet, but we’re open to most anything!)

We write our own questions, we keep it fun and fresh and timely (no stale, “who cares” trivia) and we work with our event partners to achieve their goals at an affordable price. And we keep the music spinning before, during and after the trivia contest.


Your TRIVIA NINJAS include:

Ninja Angie, a trivia veteran with 20 years of playing and writing under her belt. She specializes in the expert level of trivia, and infuses her questions with her love of art, literature and a dizzying cache of police procedurals. She’ll tell you she watches them just for fun, but we really know it’s in case Ninja Pete smarts off one too many times. In addition to writing questions for each week’s shows, Angie keeps the Ninjas in the black and devises plans to offer our players more prizes and fun during the show.

Ninja Pete, a professional radio guy and trivia event host. He’s quick and witty with just the right amount of smartassedness needed to get the job done. Pete’s romance with film, all forms of music, comic books and sci-fi/fantasy mythology adds the perfect ‘Nerd Quotient’ to every show. He’s also an event planner or bar manager’s best friend. Contact Pete and see how the TRIVIA NINJAS can help your bottom line or event.

Ninja Tim, who has been writing — and playing — competitive trivia for over 25 years. He’s written for bar trivia and radio station contests. And yes, he has been known to take a light-up pen with him into the theater to take notes. Tim is our head writer and Editor, whose close relationship to current events, sci-fi and food culture serves as the tentpole of the Ninjas. Also a radio guy, Tim can help you create just the right musical mood for your event.

Ninja Chad, who was an integral member of the local Jaycees, until he got too ancient. Now they make him come back to show others ‘how it’s done!’ He’s one of your hosts and has a spitfire, quirky sense of humor and a deep knowledge of all things trivial. He hosted online trivia games and websites dedicated to the advancement of trivial fun. His love of baseball, history and chickens makes him the fourth foundation block of the company.


Contact us and let us know how we can help you!


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