By Odin’s Beard! Jokers Win by a Whisker

History Channel

Viking warrior Ragnar, played by Travis Fimmel on History Channel’s “Vikings” (Photo: History Channel)


Another close contest among trivia warriors. Only 37 points separated the top two teams. But in the end, the Jolly Jokers reigned supreme in the Trivia Ninjas Trivia Night Challenge at Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar in the Marcus Parkwood 17 complex in Waite Park.

Several big point questions and a few skunks kept things exciting again this week.

Here’s how it all ended.

1. 3,584 — Jolly Jokers
2. 3,547 — Steel Curtain
3. 3,121 — Tom Bosley
4. 3,042 — Carlos Danger: Man of Little Mystery
5. 2,701 — Browncoats
6. 2,482 — Superbowl Advertisers
7. 2,404 — Tigg Bitts
8. 2,275 — Altered States
9. 844 — Off Constantly




Round 3, Question 4 (Road Trip!)
Tom Bosley knew the George Washington Bridge, I-95 and the world’s largest light bulb are all in Jersey. Bam — 500 points.



Round 4, Question 7 (That’s Epic! — Audio)
The Jolly Jokers score 500 points. The epic TV theme was from NBC’s “Revolution.”



Round 4, Question 9 (That’s Epic! — Audio)
Steel Curtain also scored 500 points that round, knowing question 9 was the theme from the CBS tech thriller “Person of Interest.”




Round 1, Question 6 (Don’t Quit Your Dayjob — Audio)
Browncoats and Steel Curtain both got 250 points for identifying Mick Jagger’s voice and lines from “Freejack.”



Round 3, Question 2 (Road Trip!)
Two teams knew that Carhenge and the Hudson-Meng Bison Bed are in Nebraska: Altered States and Carlos Danger: Man of Little Mystery each got 250 points.



Round 4, Question 10 (That’s Epic! — Audio)
Altered States and Tigg Bits both knew this theme song was from the History Channel’s “Vikings.” Go, Ragnar! (Actor Travis Fimmel as opposed to Minnesota Vikings mascot Joseph Juranitch, although he’s awesome, too.)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Yes, we know the Jolly Jokers didn’t answer this question correctly despite this recap post’s headline. It was a fun reference nonetheless, so sue us!




Round 1, Question 5 (First Things First)
None of the teams knew the US commercial fleet callsign CACTUS identifies US Airways flights. Like the Miracle on the Hudson flight, Cactus 1549.



Round 2, Question 10 (Trivia Grab Bag)
None of the teams knew — or guessed — that General Motors created the Frankenstein car known as “Limo One” and “The Beast” — the Presidential limousine.







This week’s winners — the Jolly Jokers — drew second-place team Steel Curtain for this week’s Super Ninja question. On the line — a $25 Zaffiro’s gift card.


The question:


“Do you remember when Zaffiro’s created specialty drinks to celebrate the release of the new Superman movie, “Man of Steel”? Well, they’ve created new drinks for the movie “Wolverine” and you should not be surprised we are asking you about them.

These five “Wolverine” themed drinks are all named after iconic characters, places or things in Wolverine lore. Your Super Ninja Second Chance Challenge is this — correctly name three of these delicious drinks, available at the bar for a limited time only. But be careful — if you guess wrong, you are done.”


And they gave us the three needed to win. The answer:


Jean Grey
The Professor



The Super Ninja Second Chance Challenge returns next week.



Thank you for playing with the Trivia Ninjas! We appreciate you spending your Wednesday evenings with us playing trivia. We know there are lots of things competing for your time and money. We’re just honored you choose to spend time with us each week.

If you know other trivia-minded folks who may be interested in playing, please let them know about our next contest, Wednesday, August 7, 2013 at 6:30 p.m.

Until then, see you at the movies!