Col. Black’s Thursday Trivia Preview [11.20.14]

Image by Pop Culture Geek/flickr

Image by Pop Culture Geek/flickr

There will be a substantial reward for the teams that capture our top spots tonight. You are free to use any methods necessary to bring your friends together for team trivia, but bring them in alive – no disintegrations!

Each week, we favor you by posting one of the questions we’ll ask tonight here and on our Facebook page.

Here’s the Preview Question for tonight’s contest:

In specially-marked boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios now on shelves at Walmart, there are download codes for a free song from what artist?

Now use the magical Google to decipher this query and be ready to add it to your answer sheet tonight.

We’ll see you tonight!

Colonel Black’s (Next to Zebra Lounge in the basement of The Historic Bozeman Hotel)

8:30 p.m. (sharp) start — approximately 2-hour run time.

50 fun mind-blowing questions, including audio and visual.

We ask that you limit your team size to 6 players.

Parimutuel scoring (teams that correctly answer each question split 500 points).

Prizes for top 3 including $35 cash for First Place, $25 bar tab for 2nd and a six-pack of Bozone for 3rd. We also award a prize for “Most Challenged Team.”