Contest Recap: ‘Jokers’ Pull It Off In Wild Ride

Gildan via YouTube

Gildan via YouTube


The smaller and stealthier Jolly Jokers trivia team was victorious Wednesday night at the Trivia Ninjas Trivia Night Challenge at Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar in Waite Park.

But only because of Hedy Lamarr and the movie “Sunset Boulevard.”

The Jokers are a good team, but were in third place going into Round 4, some 141 points behind The Team That Changes Its Name Every Week and 183 points behind the Jokers’ splinter team Jokers’ Worst Nightmare.

Now with our brand of parimutuel scoring, those differences can be made up in a single question.

The Jokers did make up that ground and in grand style — hogging two visual trivia questions by being the only ones to correctly identify actress Hedy Lamarr and the movie “Sunset Boulevard.”  That was enough to leap well ahead of the competition.

Well done.

Now consider the two hoggers for the Jokers when looking at these final scores and contemplating how close things really were.

1.  4,057 — Jolly Jokers
2.  3,377 — I Hate Being Bi-Polar, It’s Awesome  (aka The Team That Changes Its Name Every Week)
3.  3,181 — We Don’t Always Take First, but When We Do It’s at That Other Place We Used to Play At (aka The Most Interesting Trivia team in the World)
4.  3,173 — Team Stingray
5.  2,974 — Jokers’ Worst Nightmare
6.  2,207 — Steel Curtain
7.  1,818 — Bubba Ho Tep
8.  TIE — 1,606 — Diet Browncoats (2 players)
8.  TIE — 1,606 — Team Bar (1 player)


Trivia Hogs

In addition to the two hogs for the Jokers, there are some other smartypants teams out there, too:

— In Round 4, Team Stingray knew Yves Saint Laurent’s background with the fashion house Dior;

— Also in Round 4, The Most Interesting Trivia Team in the World was the only team to identify the TV show “My So Called Life” featured the fake band “Frozen Embryos.”


Perfect Rounds

Round 1:
— The Team That Changes Its Name Each Week
— Jokers’ Worst Nightmare

Round 3:
— The Team That Changes Its Name Each Week
— Jokers’ Worst Nightmare
— The Most Interesting Trivia Team in the World

Visual Round:
— Jolly Jokers


Shut Outs

— No one knew what the roller coaster was called in the Gildan Underwear ad. The Jolly Jokers had Velociraptor on their sheet — but scribbled out part of it, leaving only “Raptor,” which was not a correct answer. (At first I thought the coaster’s name was VelociCRAPtor. Too bad it wasn’t — I think that’s funnier…)



— No one knew “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was home to the fake TV band “Dingoes Ate My Baby.”  Though, really, you sort of remember that now, don’t you? No?



Super Ninja Second Chance Challenge

Congratulations, Bubba Ho Tep! They were drawn for our mano a mano question and took home a $25 Zaffiro’s gift card for knowing the answer to this:

On April 15th, 1997, a player’s uniform number was retired from every Major League Baseball team.

— First, name the player;
— Second, give us the number that was retired;
— Third, give us the location and nickname of the team he played for,
— AND Finally, tell us why his number was retired.

The answer, of course:

— Jackie Robinson
— 42
— Brooklyn Dodgers
— He was honored for breaking the color barrier in major league baseball when he started at first base on April 15, 1947.

If you’re interested in that story, check out the movie 42, now playing at the Parkwood 17.



Odds and Ends

— For the record, YES, Steel Curtain DID get the sports nickname question correct. The one about the nickname for the front four of the Pittsburgh Steelers…

— If you’re going to have a big group playing trivia, try to give Zaffiro’s a heads-up. They’ll set-up seating for you and reserve your table.

— I know we’re all competitive, but please spread the word about Trivia Ninjas Trivia Night at Zaffiro’s. Big crowds will help ensure trivia nights will continue!

— Keep an eye on the website and our Facebook page. You never know what hints, clues and teases you may during the week between contests.

— Check back here next Wednesday for another Freebie Question and a preview of the night’s trivia.



If we haven’t said it face-to-face lately, your Trivia Ninjas extend our sincerest thanks to you for playing trivia with us. We know there are lots of other ways to spend your Wednesday nights each week and we’re humbled you spend them with us.

We appreciate your continued support and input. Please feel free to contact us with complaints, compliments, questions or any other feedback.

Trivia Night returns Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. to Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar.

Ciao for now.