Contest Recap: What a Soap Opera!

TV Guide

TV Guide


What a soap opera our contest was this week.

But on this episode, the Jolly Jokers edged Steel Curtain at the Trivia Ninjas Trivia Night Challenge at Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar at the Marcus Parkwood 17 complex in Waite Park. But only by 47 stinkin’ points. How did the two teams compare?

Round 1 (General, Cartoon Network Audio)
Jolly Jokers — 9 correct worth 621 points
Steel Curtain — 8 correct worth 455 points

Round 2 (Current Events, Linking Trivia)
Jolly Jokers — 9 correct worth 616 points
Steel Curtain — 9 correct worth 700 points

After two rounds…
Jokers — 1,237
Curtain — 1,155

Round 3 (Educational Games, Recent Sports)
Jolly Jokers — 9 correct worth 716 points
Steel Curtain — 9 correct worth 716 points

After three rounds…
Jokers — 1,953
Curtain — 1,871

Round 4 (Wolverine, Detroit Bands Audio)
Jolly Jokers — 5 correct worth 355 points
Steel Curtain — 8 correct worth 557 points

After four rounds…
Jokers — 2,308
Curtain — 2,428 (Curtain leads by 120 points.)

Visual Round (TV Guide Covers)
Jolly Jokers — 10 correct worth 684 points
Steel Curtain — 9 correct worth 517 points

Jokers — 2,992
Curtain — 2,945

If Curtain had only known David Hasselhoff and the gals on the cover of TV Guide were from “The Young and the Restless”…


Here are your final standings:

1. 2,992 — Jolly Jokers (Winner by just 47 points.)
2. 2,945 — Steel Curtain
3. 2,707 — The Shake-Weight Ruined My Marriage
4. 2,399 — Browncoats
5. 2,282 — Stingrays
6. 2,174 — Toonces
7. 2,090 — Angry lunchables
8. 2,089 — Fresh Prince Formerly Known as the Royal Fetus
9. 1,432 — The Wesley Crushers
10. 1,336 — Barflys
11. 1,000 — Last Place
12. 895 — Bulldogs
13. 431 — We Missed Our Movieā€¦So Here Goes Nothin’
14. 229 — Shooters







Round 2, Question 5 (Trivia in the Making)
The Angry Lunchables and Steel Curtain were rewarded for watching that awesomely horrible SyFy movie “Sharknado.” Both teams knew Hurricane David herded sharks to southern California, then sucked them up and spit them out in cheesy-looking tornados that apparently can be dissipated with bombs made from hardware store supplies. But I digress.



Round 3, Question 8 (What a Good Sport!)

250 points for both Steel Curtain and The Shake Weight Ruined My Marriage who knew about the new Metropolitan Division in the NHL.



Round 3, Question 10 (What a Good Sport!)

The Stingrays and Jolly Jokers must be cycling enthusiasts! They knew Brit Chris Froome won the Tour de France over the weekend. Pass the butt butter.







Visual Round — Consult Your Local Listings
Jolly Jokers



Okay, let’s get a little geeky. We had close to 100 people playing on 14 teams Wednesday night. That greatly affects the number of Trivia Hogs and Skunks. Here’s a graph of the number of times your answers were worth a certain amount. Interesting if you’re into analytics.


Trivia Ninjas

Trivia Ninjas



Our winners — the Jolly Jokers — randomly drew Steel Curtain for the Super Ninja Wednesday night. On the line: a $25 Zaffiro’s gift card.


Their question:

Two spacecrafts turned their cameras on Earth Friday in a global photo-op. One was 61-million miles away near Mercury. The other was nearly 900-million miles away near Saturn.

— First, give us the name of the spacecraft orbiting Saturn, and,

— Second, what’s the name of the probe orbiting Mercury?


Gene from Curtain correctly answered the first half of the question, but not the second.
The correct answer:

— Cassini is near Saturn
— Messenger is near Mercury


And the gift card remains in play for another week. Maybe your team will win it next week?

By the way, here are those spectacular images from space. Click on the picture to see a super-large version.






Manager Dan from Zaffiro’s appreciates all the teams who’ve been calling to reserve tables. As you know from Wednesday’s contest, we had a packed bar, restaurant and patio. So, allowing the staff to reserve seating and plan for you really helps them keep the traffic flow open and you served more quickly. Keep calling ahead on Game Day to reserve a space for your team. Call (320) 230-0061. Dan, Nicole, Rachel, Max, Abby and everyone else on the Zaffiro’s team thank you!

Your Trivia Ninjas are already plotting… I mean, PLANNING next week’s contest for Wednesday, July 31, 2013. Keep watching and our Facebook page for clues and updates.

Until then, see you at the movies!