‘Curtain’ Edges Out ‘Jokers’ to Win Again

Ryan Stiles from The Drew Carey Show



For a second week, the mighty Steel Curtain has  shown its mettle, winning the Trivia Ninjas Trivia Night Challenge at Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar.

And they have comedian Ryan Stiles to thank for it.

At the end of the four question rounds, the Jolly Jokers led Steel Curtain by just 5 points and We Aren’t Always Faster than a Speeding Bullet… (The World’s Most Interesting Trivia Team) by just 59 points.

Then came time to tally up the visual trivia round. Steel Curtain aced it. But the Jokers incorrectly identified Stiles’ character “Lewis” from The Drew Carey Show as “Ryan.” Three teams got that one right — including Steel Curtain — making that question worth 167 points and giving Curtain the win.

Well done everyone!

Here’s a little something from Lewis Kiniski.



And with another contest in the books, here are your final scores:

1. 3,947 — Steel Curtain
2. 3,785 — Jolly Jokers
3. 3,726 — We Aren’t Always Faster than a Speeding Bullet…
4. 3,210 — Browncoats
5. 2,302 — Turd Ferguson
6. 2,208 — The First Rule of Bookclub, Do Not Talk About Book Club!
7. 2,147 — Google Help Us!
8. 1,492 — Angry Lunchables
9. 339 — Da Best
10. 289 — Pizza Dragons
11. 56 — Team Allan    




— In Round 2 (Trivia in the Making), the Jolly Jokers were the only team to know that interns at Google are called “Nooglers”


— In Round 3 (Fortress of Solitude), We Aren’t Always Faster than a Speeding Bullet… knew the ravens are the only animals from the Royal Menagerie still on display at The Tower of London.



— In Round 1 (What’s Your Kryptonite), Ninja Angie stumped everyone with her question about the comic character “Power Girl.”


— In Round 2 (Trivia Grab Bag), Ninja Tim mislead everyone into thinking we were looking for a relief pitcher named “Felix.” The right answer was “Ramon Ramirez.”


— In Round 3 (Fortress of Solitude), Ninja Angie got all the points when no one knew the Tower of London’s White Tower is the home for The Royal Armouries. (Just for the record, the Crown Jewels are housed in the Jewel House — not the White Tower.)



Round 4 (Metropolis and Super “Heroes” Songs)
Steel Curtain

Round 5 (Visual — They’re Just Supers!)
Browncoats, Steel Curtain



This week’s Super Ninja was a toughie, but timely.

Steel Curtain drew the Browncoats to go one-on-one with Ninja Pete with this question:

In honor of the new Superman movie “Man of Steel,” Gillette is asking us “How Does He Shave“? There are four theories out there offered by celebrity comic and science nerds.  One of theories is from the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters’ Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. Name the other three celebrities who offer their takes on how Superman shaves in this promotion.



I didn’t catch all their responses, but the ‘coats apparently hadn’t seen the campaign, or they would have known the other three were:


Kevin Smith (comic book store owner)



Bill Nye (the Science guy)



Mayim Bialik (who has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and is on the Big Bang Theory)




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