Free Question for Wednesday Night Trivia [12.17.14]

Still Coming ~ One of our power teams that have supported us for years

Still Coming ~ One of our power teams that have supported us for years

Join us tonight for our final team trivia challenge at Zaffiro’s. We’d like to be able to thank you personally for the support you’ve shown in the past 2 years!

We’ll be giving you a break through the Holidays. Keep watching our Facebook page and right here for our new venue announcements.In fact, you can subscribe to all of our announcements about trivia by going to the Home page and just entering your email where it says “Subscribe” at the upper right.

You can keep the team trivia fires burning by joining us this and every Thursday (Except Christmas and New Year’s) at MC’s Dugout at 8pm!

For every Wednesday challenge, we favor you by posting one of the questions we’ll ask tonight.

Here’s the Preview Question for tonight’s contest:

If someone accuses you of having “a high mass per unit volume,” call them a “pillow case.” What volumetric measure of mass is exhibited in that statement?

Now use the magical Google to decipher this query and be ready to add it to your answer sheet tonight.

Click here to find out where to play trivia with us during the week.

With everything, there are rules. Here are ours.

1. No electronic devices, no notes, no outside resources. Use your brain. Cheaters never prosper. And they’ll be disqualified.

2. Don’t shout out the answers.

3. We’ll ask you 50 questions: 30 spoken word, 10 audio and 10 visual questions. We’ll ask you anything, so when you get your team together, keep that in mind.

4. Unless we say otherwise, if we ask for someone’s name, we want the last name. Give us the first name, too, if you like, but if you give us the wrong first name, your answer is wrong. If we ask for a character, either the first or last name is okay. But remember, if any part of the name is wrong, it’s all wrong. (I know, right?)

5. All questions are worth 500 points. Teams with the correct answer split those points. So five teams who correctly answer a given question will get 100 points each. Get it?

6. The Ninjas’ answer is the only correct answer. Dispute if you like and we’ll consider it. But our decisions are final.

7. Spelling doesn’t count unless we say it does.

8. Clues can be found each week at our website, as well as the Facebook page for each venue. A freebie question is posted on our website for each day we hold our challenges. The free question is the same no matter where in the country you play.

9. The top three teams with the most points at the end of the contest win prizes.

10. Be generous to your servers. They’re working hard to ensure you have a great night, and they can always be bribed if they happen to know an answer to a question your team doesn’t.