‘Most Interesting Team’ Scores Double Hoggers in Win

The Chrystler Imperial FS (Frank Sinatra Limited Edition)

The Chrysler Imperial FS (Frank Sinatra Limited Edition)


Every point counts.

Just ask the Solemn Stooges who won the Trivia Ninjas Trivia Night Challenge at Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar at the Marcus Parkwood 17 theatre complex Wednesday night.

The Stooges — otherwise known as The Most Interesting Trivia Team in the World — led by just one stinking point after the first three rounds and visual round were all tallied up.




The valiant Jolly Jokers tried hard on Round 4, but were left in the dust when The Stooges earned a trivia hog by knowing Doctor and the Medics covered “Spirit in the Sky.”

When the dust settled, only the final scores remained:

1. 4,218 — Solemn Stooges
2. 3,717 — Jolly Jokers
3. 3,205 — Steel Curtain
4. 2,618 — Bubba Ho Tep
5. 2,410 — The Browncoats
6. 2,324 — Michelle, Farewell! These are Words that Go Together Well!
7. 2,304 — Rinke Noonan
8. 2,055 — Sting Rays
9. 1,317 — Google Help Us


Tale of the Tape

Trivia Hogs

— In Round 2, Solemn Stooges (The Most Interesting Trivia Team in the World) was the only team who knew the Canuck band Chilliwack and their great song “My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)”.



— In Round 3’s “Trivia Grab Bag,” Rinke Noonan was the only team who knew the creature of origin for expensive “imperial purple” dyes was the sea snail.

— In the final round’s “Mystery Music Category,” Solemn Stooges (The Most Interesting Trivia Team in the World) knew Dr. and the Medics covered Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky.”




— Y’all shot blanks on Round 3’s “Trivia Grab Bag” question about The 1981 Imperial FS — or Frank Sinatra Edition.




Perfect Rounds

Round 1
— Jolly Jokers

Visual Round
— Jolly Jokers
Michele, Farewell! These Are Words That Go Together Well! (aka The Team That Changes Its Name Every Week)

Super Ninja Second Chance Challenge

As luck would have it, our winners — Solemn Stooges — drew the Jolly Jokers to play in the Super Ninja. We asked whose autograph is on the baseball bat Wendy Torrance uses to beat her husband Jack in 1980’s horror classic “The Shining.”

The Jokers’ answer: Mickey Mantle


It was Carl Yastrzemski. (The Shining’s author Stephen King is a huge Red Sox fan.)


— Just a reminder, if you want to make sure you have a table for all your team members, call ahead to Zaffiro’s and they’ll reserve a table for you.

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Next Trivia Night — Wednesday, June 5, 2013.

Until then, see you at the movies!