MT’s On 8th Online Only Trivia Question [04-13-14]

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

This Sunday at 2pm, suit up and ready yourself for battle at MT’s on 8th!  Go head to head versus  trivia giants with the fate of all mankind hanging in the balance! If you’re trivia team emerges victorious, you’ll devour free food and drinks from MT’s!

If you’d like an edge for Sunday’s contest, do a little Googling with this Internet Only Question:

In the film ‘Pacific Rim’, what German word is used as the name for the giant human-piloted mechanical robots?

If you’re clever, you’ll bring the answer with you tonight and pick up 10 extra points to add to your overall score. You’ll see where to enter it once you get your answer sheet tonight. We start promptly at 2pm and your team can be 2 people or as many as 8. You’re playing for your team’s share of over $50 in prizes.


With everything, there are rules. Here are ours.

1. No electronic devices. Cheaters never prosper.

2. Don’t shout out the answers.

3. We’ll ask you 40 questions: 20 spoken word, 10 audio and 10 visual questions. We’ll ask you anything, so when you get your team together, keep that in mind.

4. Unless we say otherwise, if we ask for someone’s name, we want the last name. Give us the first name, too, if you like, but if you give us the wrong first name, your answer is wrong. If we ask for a character, either the first or last name is okay. But remember, if any part of the name is wrong, it’s all wrong.

5. All questions are worth 10 points. Including the Internet Only Question, which you can only find online at our website; Bring the ANSWER with you to tonight’s contest and enter it into the space provided on your answer sheet. If you answer it correctly, your team earns an extra 10 points.

6. The Ninjas’ answer is the only correct answer. Dispute if you like and we’ll consider it. But our decisions are final.

7. Spelling doesn’t count unless we say it does.

8. Clues can be found each week on our Facebook page. Visit often to find clues to this challenge, as well as other challenges at all of our Trivia destinations.

9. Be generous to your wait-staff. They’re working hard to ensure you have a great night. And they may know the answer to that question your team doesn’t know. Grease the skids, if you catch our drift…

Our next contest — April 13th, 2014 — starts promptly at 2:00pm at MT’s on 8th in St. Cloud.