Recap: Curse Launches ‘Most Interesting Team’ to Victory

Photo in the Public Domain via Wikipedia

Fired Black Hawks Coach Pete Muldoon. (Photo in the Public Domain via Wikipedia)


It’s been a few weeks, but the “Most Interesting Trivia Team in the World / Family Guy Reference Team” has climbed to the top of the heap once again. They won Wednesday night’s Trivia Ninjas Trivia Night Challenge at Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar at the Marcus Parkwood 17 complex in Waite Park.

The “Team Name to be Announced” — as they were called this week — tied for the top spot on the leaderboard in Round 1 and never trailed. The “Team That Changes Its Name Every Week” — known as “Paula Deen’s Publicist” this week — kept pace throughout the contest. “Publicist” answered 41 questions correctly while “Team Name TBA” answered 40 questions. But because “TBA” hogged a 500-point question by knowing about the Chicago Chief’s “Muldoon Curse,” they finished ahead by a scant 83 points. Without the hog, they would have finished in second by 417 points.

And again, the contest turns on a dime. Just like we like it.

Here’s how everyone finished:

1. 4,185 — Team Name to be Announced    
2. 4,102 — Paula Deen’s Publicist
3. 3.236 — Steel Curtains
4. 2,923 — Jolly Jokers
5. 2,511 — Browncoats
6. 1,960 — Wario, Yoshi and Waluigi
7. 1,872 — BKN    
8. 1,777 — Google Help Us!    
9. 1,435 — Just Furguson    




Round 1, Question 7 — This Date in Music History
“Paula Deen’s Publicist” knew Billy Davis Jr. and his wife Marilyn McCoo — also of The Fifth Dimension — did 1977’s “You Don’t Have to be a Star.”



Round 3, Question 2 — We Are The Champions
“Team Name to be Announced” knew about “The Muldoon Curse” — a hex put on the Chicago Black Hawks by its fired coach, Pete Muldoon.


Round 1, Question 10 — This Date in Music History
No one knew the lead singer’s name of the 80’s group Berlin. She opened for INXS last summer at Mystic Lake. Here she is with Berlin from the Top Gun soundtrack.



Round 2, Question 9 — Trivia Grab Bag
Ninja Angie calls me an a-hole for purposely misleading all you good folks into wrong answers for the question about the Capuchin monks. I accept her accolades gladly.




Round 4 — A Woman’s Eye / Me So Horny (Audio)
“Paul Deen’s Publicist”

Visual Round — Strut Your Stuff
“Steel Curtain”
“Paula Deen’s Publicist”
“Team Name to be Announced”



We had a lot of fun with this week’s Super Ninja question. This week’s winners — “Team Name to be Announced” — drew a new team, “Wario, Yoshi and Waluigi” to play for the $25 Zaffiro’s gift card.

Their question:

Zaffiro’s has created five specialty drinks to celebrate the new Superman movie, “Man of Steel.” Maybe you’ve seen the posters, digital signs or web ads for them. All of these drinks are named after iconic characters, places or things in Superman lore. Your Super Ninja Second Chance Challenge is this — Name all five of these delicious drinks, available at the bar for a limited time only.

And of course throughout the evening, Ninja Pete mentioned how good the Kryptonite was Bartender Annie created for him. In fact, he mentioned it several times. And all the “Man of Steel”-inspired drinks were on the big screen TV behind the bar. And on the table tents on each table. And in the email Zaffiro’s sent out this past week.

“Wario, Yoshi and Waluigi” made a valiant attempt and answered:

Superman, Clark Kent, Lex Luther, Kryptonite and Lois Lane.

Ohhhhh…so close! But they missed the Metropolis martini.

The answer:




So the gift card lives to be won another day.



We know there are lots of things going on this summer. Vacations, Summertime by George, storm damage clean-up… But we want to say thanks for your support this summer. We really appreciate it and hope you’re enjoying yourselves as much as we are each week.

Keep checking in with us on Facebook and here at — you never know what clues we’ll throw your way each week.

Next contest: 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, July 3, 2013 with a special holiday theme.

Until then, see you at the movies!