Recap: Funny How a Contest Can Turn on a Dime or Two

matthiasxc, Flickr

matthiasxc, Flickr


Our contest can turn on a dime. Or sometimes, a couple of dimes. Such was the case on Wednesday night (August 14, 2013) as a couple “near hogs” catapulted “Let’s Stop After Round 3” (formerly “Bubb Ho Tep”) to the top spot at the Trivia Ninjas Trivia Night Challenge at Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar in the Marcus Parkwood 17 complex in Waite Park.

Pretty good for a team that was in a 3-way tie for fifth place after round one and 334 points out of first place after Round 2.

Now about those game-turning dimes.

“Let’s Stop” should be pretty happy they stayed past Round 3 after they hit two 250-pointers in that round, sending them ahead of the rest of the field where they stayed for the rest of the contest.

And all because someone stayed awake in high school geography class and the team knew the ingredients in “Chubby Hubby.”

Well done, folks!

Here’s how things ended up when the dust settled:

1. 3,321 — Let’s Stop After Round 3
2. 3,192 — Jolly Jokers
3. 2,784 — That’s Right Mr. Giraffe Get All the Marmalade (In the money by just one point…)
4. 2,783 — Simon Cowell’s Estranged Friend
5. 2,662 — Toonces
6. 2,644 — Browncoats
7. 2,217 — Brain Lords
8. 1,964 — Angry Lunchables
9. 1,956 — Team Chupacabra
10. 1,252 — Gator Muskies






NEAR HOGS (250 Pointers)

Round 3, Question 1 (Geography)
Let’s Stop After Round 3” and “That’s Right Mr. Giraffe Get All the Marmalade” scored near hogs in the third round, knowing the Tropic of Cancer lies 23.5 degrees north of the equator.



Round 3, Question 6 (Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream)
Simon Cowell’s Estranged Friend” and “Let’s Stop After Round 3” must be ice cream fans. They knew the ingredients in Chubby Hubby.







Round Three (Geography, Ben and Jerry’s)
Let’s Stop After Round 3

Round Four (TV commercials, Audio: Vocal Intros)
Brain Lords
Jolly Jokers
Let’s Stop After Round 3

Visual Round (Meme Themes)
Brain Lords
Jolly Jokers
That’s Right, Mr. Giraffe, Get All the Marmalade



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Every week, we give the winning team the opportunity to randomly select another team to play for a $25 gift card, mano e mano with Ninja Pete.

This week’s winner “Let’s Stop After Round 3” (formerly “Bubba Ho Tep”) randomly selected “That’s Right Mr. Giraffe Gets All the Marmalade.” And to celebrate the first episode of the last season of “Breaking Bad,” we asked this:


Walter White returned to our TV sets this past Sunday, as “Breaking Bad” begins it’s final season. Walt has made quite the transformation in five years, going from a mild-mannered cancer-stricken chemistry teacher, to a ruthless, enterprising meth king car-wash owner. But it’s the people around him that keep Heisenberg alive.

Here are the three questions:

1. Saul Goodman is the laywer that represents Heisenberg’s money and business end. What’s his slogan?

2. Walter starts cooking with one of his former high school students. What is his name? First and last please.

3. What is the English translation of Gus’ chicken franchise?


Giraffe’s Bobby answered the second two questions first — and correctly! But he didn’t know the slogan.

What were the answers?


1. “Better call Saul.”
2. Jesse Pinkman
3. The Chicken Brothers (Los Pollos Hermanos)




We’re already cookin’ up the contest for Wednesday, August 21st. If you have suggestions for categories for an upcoming contest, just let us know below.

Until Wednesday, see ya at the movies.