Recap: Government Shutdown Impacts Ninja Trivia Night

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Comedy Central


That damned government shutdown helped propel one of our teams to victory during the Wednesday night edition of the Trivia Ninjas Trivia Night Challenge at Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar at the Marcus Parkwood 17 complex in Waite Park.

The Browncoats was the only team to know to get the Stephen Colbert Government Shut Down Wedding question. (See below.) That — and almost another 250 points — gave The Browncoats a most comfortable win. At least for this contest.



1. 3,404 — Browncoats
2. 2,657 — Genetically Modified Trivia
3. 2,214 — Toonces
4. 2,161 — War Lords
5. 2,087 — Show Me Your Haboobs
6. 2,052 — Jolly Jokers
7. 1,774 — Not Available Due to the Shutdown
8. 1,739 — The Angry Lunchables
9. 1,3661 — Still Coming
10. 1,188 — Sir Fluffington McWhiskerbiscuits
11. 1,032 — Big Melons AKA Christine & Lindsey
12. 1,006 — We Are NOT Smarter Than a 5th Grader
13. 855 — Jack Attack
14. 520 — American Girls
15. 308 — Turn Your Head and Cough
16. 135 — Schulte


TRIVIA HOGS (500 pointers)

Round 2, Question 3 (Trivia in the Making)
You can thank Smokey Bear for the huge lead (and win) for the Browncoats. They knew Smokey was the Best Man in Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le’s government shutdown wedding on “The Colbert Report.” Mazel tov!



NEAR HOGS (250 pointers)

Round 3 , Question 6 (Beer)
Belgian beer uses wild yeasts to create lambic. Genetically Modified Trivia and Sir Fluffington McWhiskerbiscuits knew that. Lushes.



SKUNKS (No pointers)

Round 1, Question 3 (General Trivia)
No one knew that fitness magazines recommend the type of beer to help you recover from running a marathon is non-alcoholic. Makes sense now, eh?




Round 2 (Trivia in the Making, Trivia Grab Bag)

Round 3 (Art class, Beer)
Genetically Modified Trivia

Visual Round (Ten Degrees of Kevin Bacon)



Sponsored by St. Cloud Overhead Door Company

Each week, our winning team randomly draws another team to go head-to-head with Ninja Pete in a bit of trivial redemption — The Super Ninja. We ask the randomly-drawn team to answer three questions. If they do, they get a $25 gift card to Zaffiro’s/Marcus Theatres.

This week, The Browncoats drew The Angry Lunchables.


Their Question:

Stephen King has been in the news a lot lately, and whether it’s books, TV, the stage or movies, he’s always waiting in the background to scare the be-jeezus out of you. And he’s the subject of our Super Ninja Second Chance Challenge.

The master of chillers, Stephen King has unleashed three projects recently. We hope someone on your team is a big fan, because you need to answer the following three questions to score the $25 gift card to Marcus Parkwood Cinemas and Zaffrio’s.

1. Doctor Sleep is the latest Stephen King novel. Published just a few weeks ago, it’s a sequel to which one of his most famous novels?

2. What CBS TV series based on a King book was just renewed for a second season?

3. King’s first ever stage musical is scheduled to haunt The State Theatre in Minneapolis on Halloween. Ghost Brothers of Darkland County was written by King, but what famous Indiana rocker teamed up with him to compose all the music?


The Angry Lunchables knew the first answers, but got the musical question wrong.


The Answers:

1. The Shining
2. Under the Dome
3. John Mellencamp




If you have suggestions for trivia rounds, please let us know.

Our next shows are Monday, October 14th and Wednesday, October 16th, 2013,  both at 6:30 p.m.

Until then, see you at the movies.