Recap: ‘Haboobs’ Smother Competition

j_arred, Flickr

j_arred, Flickr


The contest is yours to lose when you lead the field by 539 points after the first round. Luckily for ‘Show Me Your Haboobs,’ they never lost the lead, even though at the end, their margin of victory was much smaller.

Such was the scoring Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at the Trivia Ninjas Trivia Night Challenge at Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar in the Marcus Parkwood 17 complex in Waite Park.

Haboobs’ led by a whopping 636 points after Round 3, only to see the their lead whittled to a closer 175 points at the end of the contest. All we Ninjas can say is those were some nice Haboobs Wednesday night.


Here’s how everyone finished.

1. 3,043 — Show Me Your Haboobs
2. 2,868 — Jolly Jokers
3. 2,589 — Toonces
4. 2,485 — Weiners Campaign Peters Out!
5. 2,414 — Bubba Ho Tep
6. 2,405 — Browncoats
7. 2,312 — Steel Curtain
8. 2,191 — We Are NOT Smarter Than a 5th Grader
9. 1,780 — Angry Lunchables
10. 1,500 — Fantastic Four or Five
11. 1,406 — Quality Control



TRIVIA HOGS — 500 Pointers

Round 1, Question 5 (General trivia)
‘Show Me Your Haboobs’ knew the new College Football Hall of Fame is opening next year in Atlanta. BANG — 500 points!



Round 4, Question 2 (Reality TV)
Get the chainsaw out! Only ‘We Are NOT Smarter Than a Fifth Grader’ knew about Discovery’s reality TV show “Saw Dogs.”



Visual Round, Question 9 (Old pictures of celebrities)
Yup — that was indeed Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Larry David at the age of 20. ‘Browncoats’ gets 500 points for hogging that question!



NEAR HOGS — 250 Pointers

Round 1, Question 5 (General trivia)
They say 1-in-10 men has “Daltonism.” ‘Quality Control‘ and ‘Show Me Your Haboobs’ knew that meant that 10% of males is colorblind.



Visual Round, Question 4 (Old pictures of celebrities)
The uniform and really early picture of him threw most everyone off, but ‘Toonces’
and ‘Jolly Jokers’ knew our little sailor man was none other than a 23-year-old Sean Connery.


Click to see Sean Connery’s biography.


SKUNKS — No Points

You guys were pretty smart! Every question was answered by somebody.



Round 4 (Reality TV and Nonsense Songs)
‘We Are NOT Smarter Than a 5th Grader’



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Each week, we take all the teams that didn’t take first place and offer one of them a shot at a $25 gift card to Zaffiro’s/Marcus Theatres. Our version of a very nice consolation prize called ‘The Super Ninja.’ Our winner — ‘Show Me Your Haboobs’ — picked randomly drew ‘Angry Lunchables‘ to play.


Their question:


You may have heard that Apple introduced its new iPhone models yesterday. So we’re going to ask you to download your memory of Steve Jobs and Apple products for the Super Ninja tonight.

Yesterday in Cupertino, California, the techies were all a-twitter with the introduction of two new iPhone models — one, a re-designed pricier model named the iPhone 5S. The other, a low-cost model available in several colors. Answer these questions about past and present Apple products and get yourself a whole bushel of Angry Orchard pints with your $25 Zaffiro’s/Marcus gift card.

1. First tell us the name of the more colorful low-price iPhone introduced yesterday.

2. Next, do you know took over as CEO when Steve Jobs got downloaded to the great big cloud storage in the sky?

3. And finally, search your brain for the name of the ill-fated Apple product supposedly named for Steve Jobs’ daughter.


Well, they got the first two right, but blew the final question. So, the gift card stays in Ninja Angie’s wallet for another week.


The answers:


1. the iPhone 5C
2. Tim Cook
3. LISA, better known as Local integrated System Architecture




As we announced Wednesday, Zaffiro’s is expanding to a second night of trivia. So starting MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30TH, we’ll have Trivia Ninjas trivia on both Monday AND Wednesday nights. Contests both nights start at 6:30 p.m.

The Monday and Wednesday night contests will contain different questions, so if you’d like to play both nights, feel free. If you want to move to Monday nights, we’re good with that, too. In any case, we’d appreciate if you mentioned it to your trivia-minded friends. We’re working to make sure we have a good showing right out of the gate on September 30th and any help you can give us in recruiting more teams would be appreciated. (I know, it’s more competition, but can you help a ninja out, anyway?)

Take a look at the right-hand column on this page. It has Monday Trivia Night specials listed. Plus, there’ll be $2 beer specials just for trivia players, as well.

We’re really looking forward to our second night of trivia each week and we’re glad you’re along for the ride. And if we haven’t said it lately — or loud enough — THANK YOU for playing with us! We appreciate your support.

Our next contest is Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 at 6:30 p.m.

Until then, see you at the movies!