Recap: Splinter Group’s Win is Out of This World


The Lion Monument in Lucerne, Switzerland. (PHOTO: CHRISTOPHER MACSURAK, Flickr)


The Jolly Jokers‘ splinter group Back in My Day, We Had 9 Planets brought some new faces to the Trivia Ninjas Trivia Night Challenge at Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar Wednesday night.

And they won.

Gary and Kay Bechtold had some friends in town and broke-away from the Jokers this week to play with those friends. They led after Round One and never looked back.

But there was much jostling of all the other positions throughout the night.

When the dust settled, here are your final scores:

1. 3,149 — Back in My Day We Had 9 Planets
2. 2,768 — Arab Fall
3. 2,116 — Browncoats
4. 2,052 — Steel Curtain
5. 2,045 — The Mighty Goldfish
6. 1,935 — Jolly Jokers
7. 1,917 — To Be the Man You Gotta Beat the Man!
8. 1,901 — Toonces
9. 1,633 — Not Applicable
10. 1,630 — Beer Thirty
11. 1,472 — Angry Lunchables
12. 1,203 — DD’s (Drunk Dieticians)
13. 179 — Last Place




Round 3, Question 5 (Architecture)
Only The Mighty Goldfish knew of the Elgin Marbles at the British Museum. Cheerio — that’s 500 points!



Round 4, Question 9 (Audio: Dog Days of Summer)
Toonces picked up 500 points for knowing “Dog Eat Dog” is by Adam and the Ants.



Visual Round, Question 5 (Famous Statues)
Steel Curtain knew “The Lion Monument” was carved into the side of a mountain in Switzerland. BANG — 500 points.




Visual Round, Question 1 (Statues)
Two teams knew that ginormous statue of a woman with a sword is in Russia — Volgograd, to be exact. Way to go, Back in My Day We Had 9 Planets and To Be the Man You Gotta Beat the Man!



Visual Round, Question 6 (Statues)
Back in My Day We Had 9 Planets and To Be the Man You Gotta Beat the Man! did it again by knowing “The Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius” is in Rome. (And because these two teams each got 250 points for the same two questions, it’s like they each hogged a question this round.)




Round 1, Question 2 (General trivia)
Seriously? No one knew Chuck Norris said “If I want your opinion I’ll beat it out of you” in “Code of Silence”?




Round 4, Question 10 (Audio: Dog Days of Summer)
I remember the radio station playing the crap out of this dog…er, dog song in 1976. Sad no one remembered Henry Gross’ “Shannon.”







A first-time, 3-member team — Beer Thirty — was randomly selected to play in this week’s Super Ninja. The question:


It’s Move-In Weekend at St. Cloud State University this weekend. Soon, the St. Cloud area is going to feel a whole lot bigger with all those students back in class. So this week, we’re going to ask you three questions about St. Cloud State University. Get them right and you’ll win a $25 Zaffiro’s gift card.

Question 1: SCSU’s mascot is a husky dog. What’s his first name?

Question 2: Who is the SCSU Learning Resources Center named for? The last name is just fine.

Question 3: What is the name of the current SCSU President? Again, the last name is just fine.


And wouldn’t you know, they rocked it out to win a $25 Zaffiro’s gift card.

The answers:


1. Blizzard
2. James W. Miller
3. Earl Potter


The Super Ninja is brought to you each week by St. Cloud Overhead Door Company.




Our next trivia night at Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar is Wednesday, August 28 at 6:30 p.m. Make sure you check back here for a freebie question on Wednesday.

Until then, see ya at the movies!