‘Seal’ Bites ‘Jokers’ in the End, Wins


Snuffy the Seal in happier times. (Discovery)


You know, it was a good week to be a seal after all. As in the Wednesday night trivia team at Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar.

The Jolly Jokers would do well to remember the Nine Inch Nails album “WITH_TEETH” features the single “The Hand that Feeds.”

Had they known that, they would have kept their night-long lead and win the Trivia Ninjas Trivia Night Challenge at Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar at the Marcus Parkwood 17 complex in Waite Park.

Instead, It’s a Bad Week to be a Seal (aka The Team That Changes Its Name Every Week) split the 500 points for that question with Never Been the Second Chance Challenge. “Seal” beat the Jokers by a scant 124 points. Had the Jokers gotten it right, they would have won by one lousy point. Seal, way to sneak up on those sharks in Round 4 and the Visual Round and bite ’em in the end!

Such was the ebb and flow of a special “Shark Week” edition of the Trivia Night Challenge.

And yes, Round 4 was nothing but carnage, a veritable feeding frenzy consisting of two trivia hogs, two near hogs and two skunks. So much blood left in the water…

Here’s how it all shook out.

1. 3,455 — It’s a Bad Week to be a Seal
2. 3,331 — Jolly Jokers
3. 3,006 — Browncoats
4. 2,910 — Shark Bait
5. 2,898 — Turd Ferguson
6. 2,881 — Steel Curtain
7. 2,247 — Never Been the Second Chance Challenge
8. 1,249 — Gator Muskies
9. 356 — DJ Awesome
10. 167 — The Awesome Shouts



TRIVIA HOGS (500 Pointers)

Round 2, Question 4 (Trivia in the Making)
Kay from The Jolly Jokers knew Bob is the name of the shark — okay, a guy in a shark suit — on Discovery Channel’s “Shark After Dark.”



Round 4, Question 3 (Sharks on TV)
Seriously? Only the team Shark Bait knew Chevy Chase was the Landshark on Saturday Night Live? Yup — 500 points for that hog.



Round 4, Question 6 (Audio Trivia — Open Wide)
Only the Browncoats could identify the Aussie singer of “Mouth” as Merril Bainbridge.



VISUAL Round, Question 6 (Shark Movie One-Sheeters)
The Team That Changes Its Name Every Week (this week known as “It’s a Bad Week to be a Seal“) was the only team to correctly identify the movie one-sheeter for “Shark Night 3D.” BAM! 500 points for that stinker.



NEAR TRIVIA HOGS (250 Pointers)

Round 1, Question 2 (General Trivia)
Jolly Jokers and Turd Ferguson knew the Grooveshark online music service last year was sued by all major record companies for copyright infringement.


Round 4, Question 2 (Sharks on TV)
Browncoats and Turd Ferguson must be Family Guy fans — they knew “Bigger Jaws” was the name given to a megalodon in a special Jaws parody.



Round 4, Question 7 (Audio Trivia — Open Wide)
Never Been the Second Chance Challenge and It’s a Bad Week to be a Seal both knew the Nine Inch Nails album “WITH_TEETH.”



VISUAL Round, Question 4 (Shark Movie One-Sheeters)
It’s a Bad Week to be a Seal and Steel Curtain both got 250 points for knowing the movie poster from “The Deep.”




Round 3 (Science Questions About Sharks, Sharks in the Movies)
Jolly Jokers



Round 1, Question 7 (Audio Trivia — Shark Songs)
I must say I don’t care for “Mr. Jaws” very much. But we thought the gold record-winning single with register with some team at Trivia Night. We were wrong.



Round 2, Question 9 (Trivia Grab Bag)
No one remembered 1986’s “Reform School Girls.” No, it’s not porn…OR IS IT? Decide for yourself and watch the movie below.



Round 4, Question 4 (Sharks on TV)
Remember that TV show, “Shark Men” where researchers capture great white sharks, measure and tag them for release? No? No one else did, either. Well, redeem yourself and check out the episode below.



Round 4, Question 8 (Audio Trivia — Open Wide)
Sadly, no one knew “Another One Bites the Dust” first appeared on Queen’s album “The Game.”



VISUAL Round, Question 8 (Shark Movie One-Sheeters)
No one knew the 2003 TV movie “Red Water”? How is that? It starred Lou Diamond Phillip, Kristy Swanson and Coolio, for God’s sake!




So, with a team name like Never Been the Second Chance Challenge, of course tour winning team —
It’s a Bad Week to be a Seal — randomly drew NBTSCC to face Ninja Pete mano-a-mano.

And what did they face during this very special “Shark Week” edition of the Trivia Ninjas Trivia Night Challenge?

“There’s a phrase to describe that moment in the evolution in a TV series when it begins a decline in quality that is beyond recovery. Usually, the end can be traced to a specific scene or episode. And that phrase is called “Jumping the Shark.”

Tell us:

— What’s the NAME OF THE SERIES in which one of the characters — on waterskiis — literally jumped over a shark, prompting radio personality and webmaster Jon Hein to create the idiom “Jumping the Shark”?

— Name the TV CHARACTER who jumped the shark;

— And finally, name the ACTOR who played that character that jumped the shark.”

And they nailed it before the hypno-rave music ended!

The answers:

— Happy Days
— Fonzie (Arthur Fonzarelli)
— Henry Winkler





eBay user wcs5

eBay user wcs5


We hope you enjoyed your Gummi Sharks! We couldn’t resist.

We’ll be back at it on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 at 6:30. Check back throughout the next week for hints on questions for our next contest. And get a free question and a preview of the contest on our website and Facebook page on game day.

Until then, see you at the movies!