‘Steel Curtain’ Hogs Two Questions in Threepeat

Photo: London 2012

An example of “vermeil” – the Olympic gold medal.  (Photo: London 2012)


Being the only team to know an answer in the Trivia Ninjas Trivia Night Challenge at Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar has definite advantages.

I mean, who couldn’t use 500 points?

Just ask our top two teams from Wednesday night’s contest at the Marcus Parkwood17 complex in Waite Park: Steel Curtain and Angry Lunchables.

Both teams picked up TWO bags of Smarties each — earning 1,000 points each in Trivia Hogs.

But in the end, Steel Curtain was more consistent throughout the night and earned its third win in a row. But I would watch those Angry Lunchables. After all, those Sartell teachers are a smart bunch.

And even though Steel Curtain totally rocked-out their threepeat, it was a complete battle for second through sixth places. (Just like we love to see…)

Just look at those final scores:

1. 3,947 — Steel Curtain
2. 3,192 — Angry Lunchables
3. 3,047 — Bubba-Ho-Tep
4. 3,043 — Jolly Jokers
5. 3,022 — Browncoats
6. 2,918 — Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men: The NSA Knows
7. 2,513 — Aluminum Drapes
8. 1,629 — Assorted Nuts
9. 689 — Team Awesome




Round 1, Question 5 (Jersey Boys)
Steel Curtain was the only team to know the Hanson Brothers played for the Charlestown Chiefs in “Slapshot.”



Round 3, Question 5 (Family Jewels)
Ooo La La. Angry Lunchables knew the French word for sterling silver coated with gold or silver-gilt — like Olympic medals — is “vermeil.” (Vermeil? Wasn’t he a football coach and analyst?)



Round 3, Question 9 (Out of This World)
Steel Curtain knew China had an astronaut program. But more importantly, they knew those space travellers are called taikonauts, which actually sounds more Japanese than Chinese. Whatever.



Visual Round, Picture 9 (A Hairy Situation)
Angry Lunchables knew those dreadlocks belonged to Bob Marley. For Jah provide the bread.




Round 2, Question 10 (Trivia Grab Bag)
Nope, the answer was not Brian May. The bass guitarist for “Queen” was John Deacon.



Round 3, Question 7 (Out of This World)
Somehow, we thought at least ONE team would know Nichelle Nichols sang at Gene Roddenberry’s funeral. (But really — Shatner and Nimoy as answers?) Here’s Nichols as Uhura serenading St. Cloud’s own Bruce Hyde who played Lt. Kevin Riley on the original Star Trek.




Visual Round (A Hairy Situation)
— Jolly Jokers
— Steel Curtain



Our winner — Steel Curtain — drew Bubba-Ho-Tep to be put on the spot for the Super Ninja question. It was sort of a toughie.


“Supah Ninjas” is a Nickelodeon original that started airing in 2011.

High schooler Mike Fukunaga discovers a secret dojo beneath his bedroom and learns that he is the latest in a long line of hereditary ninjas.

Before dying, Mike’s grandfather programmed a hologram to act as trainer. What actor plays the part of the grandfather and what nickname do Mike and his friends give to their sensei?”


‘Ho-Tep’s answer: Pat Morita and Mr. Miyagi

Good answer, but wrong. The correct answer:


George Takei is the voice of “Hologramps”


And let me take this opportunity to remind you we WILL be asking more ninja questions. You’ve been warned. (bwahahahahaha…)



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