Team Trivia Wednesday Preview for MC’s Dugout [05.04.16]



In the righteous search for truth, a team of stalwart knowledgeable pilgrims can be most useful. It is surely Team Trivia at MC’s Dugout that you seek.

Central Minnesota’s favorite hump day team trivia is now at one of St.Cloud’s most legendary pubs: MC’s Dugout. Trivia gets underway at 6:30 p.m. but you’ll want to arrive a little early to acquire a table. Teams can have up to 8 players.

Dinner is awesome at MC’s, too; and because you’re a Trivia Ninja, you get $1.50 off cocktails – $2.00 off craft beers and $2.50 off burgers or sandwiches!

For an edge, do an online search for the answer to this question we’ll ask tonight:

What name is given to a depiction — normally a sculpture — of Mary holding the body of Jesus after his death?

For more on our rules, get the specifics on our Team Trivia Expert Style rules here.

Tonight’s contest — May 4th, 2016;— starts promptly at 6:30 p.m.