Thursday Preview for Team Trivia at MC’s Dugout [7.13.17]

RMS Titanic (Photo: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons)

RMS Titanic (Photo: Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons)

It would be a Titanic mistake not to get you and your crew down to MC’s Dugout for Team Trivia tonight  at 8 with The Trivia Ninjas!

Get to MC’s Dugout a little early tonight to beat the crowd and secure your lucky table. Once trivia gets underway at 8, you can also refresh your team of 2-8 players with great food and drink specials. You’re playing for your team’s share of over $50 in prizes.

If you’d like an edge for tonight’s contest, do a little Googling with our Online Only Question:

Principal Weatherbee and homeroom teacher Miss Grundy work at the fictional Riverdale High School in what comic series?

Bring the answer with you tonight for extra points.

Tonight’s contest — July 13, 2017 — starts promptly at 8 p.m.

For more on our rules, get the specifics on our Team Trivia Pub-Style rules here.