Trivia Link Dojo [071814] – Best of Today’s Internet

It’s a daily drop of what’s been kicking around the internet today, all in one handy place.

We’ll give you a brief description of the link and then offer it up. It’s stuff we think you should know about and it may or may not make it into our Trivia In The Making  category during our top-level challenges.






  • Have you heard of the app Secret ? You will. They just raised $25 Million. It’s an app that lets you anonymously broadcast messages to friends and strangers as a kind of “confessional”. It’s design began very clunky and now it’s very spartan and sleek. Fast Co. has a great article on how it evolved.



  • Well then… OK. We thought the Casey Kasem thing was over and in turn, couldn’t get any weirder. WE. WERE. SO. WRONG.