Trivia League Tonight at Spilled Grain in Annandale [2.8.18]

(Photo: Chad Groetsch)

Great beer, fun trivia and awesome friends — Thursday nights just got a whole lot better.

Ninja Chad’s at Spilled Grain Brewhouse in Annandale tonight! Join these folks in having a great night out tonight at Spilled Grain!

Trivia will be held on Thursdays from January 11 through March 29 from 6:30-8:30 pm.

Trivia is open to the public, and we will also have league play.

League teams will need to register ahead of time ($25/team) and will have cash prizes at the end of the twelve weeks. There will also be nightly prizes for the top three teams each week.

League teams can register here:

For more information, check out the SPG Facebook page at

And for a bonus, here’s your Online Only Question. Bring the answer with you to tonight’s show and put it on your answer sheet during Round 1 to score extra points. Yout question:

In “The Beverly Hillbillies” TV series, Jethro was the son of Jed’s cousin, Pearl. What was his last name?


(Photo: Chad Groetsch)