Trivia Link Dojo 081314 – Best of Today’s Internet



It’s a daily drop of what’s been kicking around the internet today, all in one handy place.

We’ll give you a brief description of the link and then offer it up. It’s stuff we think you should know about and it may or may not make it into our Trivia In The Making  category during our top-level challenges.




    • On this date in Rock-N-Roll history, famous blues guitarist Robert Johnson, who supposedly signed a deal with the devil so he could play better than anyone else, played his last gig in Mississippi. He died three days later, after apparently ingesting strychnine.


    • The KVSC Annual Trivia Marathon theme was announced last night. An homage to George R.R. Martin: A Game of Trivia.


  • Raise your left hand if you cook while indulging in a spot of booze. OK. Now use your right hand to click here and see a cookbook with the same idea. My Drunk Kitchen comes out August 12th. This falls under the “WHY DIDN’T WE THINK OF THAT!!!?!!” category, yes?

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