Trivia Link Dojo [09.28.14]

Chris Pratt/SNL

Chris Pratt/SNL

An occasional drop of what’s been kicking around the internet recently, all in one handy place.

We’ll give you a brief description of the link and then offer it up. It’s stuff we think you should know about and it may or may not make it into our Trivia In The Making  category during our top-level challenges.


  • The end of civilization is at hand. The last surviving Saturday morning cartoon block has called it quits. This past Saturday was the last broadcast of the VORTEXX cartoon block on the CW. It will be replaced with a group of live-action  shows remonikered “One Magnificent Morning“. If it doesn’t include X-Men, Scooby-Doo or Thundarr the Barbarian, there’s nothing remotely magnificent about it. Only Logan can express our rage.


  • SPOILER ALERT: According to a recent Netflix survey, Americans accept that spoilers will happen, the British can’t be bothered with such rubbish, and the Canadians? Well, Canada is just remorseful that they happen. With that in mind: The end of The Boxtrolls includes a trash-compactor, and an incinerator.


  • Here’s a story that makes our American Pride fly high; A young, bald eagle was discovered last winter north of Bozeman, MT literally frozen to the ground and nearly dead from lead poisoning after being shot. The Montana Raptor Center managed to free him. He’s blind and has brain damage, but there’s a happy ending. Read and watch the local TV station’s coverage.


  • We’ve found what is quite possibly the dumbest human living, and oddly enough, he doesn’t call Florida his home. He’s from Arizona. He trades a stolen diamond worth $160k for… well.. for… oh just click here….