Trivia Link Dojo [110614]



An occasional drop of what’s been kicking around the internet recently, all in one handy place.

We’ll give you a brief description of the link and then offer it up. It’s stuff we think you should know about and it may or may not make it into our Trivia In The Making  category during our top-level challenges.


  • Those Kiwi’s really, really love the fact that all six Middle-Earth films were shot in their country. This is in the Wellington, New Zealand airport, via’s Twitter.





  • IS it too early to put up your Christmas tree? NOT if you’re NBC’s Rockefeller Plaza.  It’s a Norway Spruce from Danville, PA.


  • Do you have a little over 11 minutes to spare? Then watch what every other weirdo is watching: Adult Swim‘s Too Many Cooks. It’s mezmerizingly weird. Just don’t expect it to end. But it does. We think. Kind of. There’s a puppet space cat in there. Ready? Ok. Click here. Oh and we also think Loiter Squad is pretty funny, too. Ok, but before you click there watch Too Many Cooks.



  • And finally… we like Stephen Colbert‘s take on the new Star Wars movie title: