Trivia Night Preview: Ninjas Are Everywhere!


Okay, so maybe there aren’t Trivia Ninjas everywhere. Maybe we’re really scattered. And hurried. And working feverishly to get everything ready for tonight’s Trivia Ninja Trivia Night Challenge at Zaffiro’s Pizzeria and Bar starting at 6:30.

Tonight’s categories are all over the board and because we all love surprises, no categories ahead-of-time this week. Sorry!

But here’s your Freebie Question for this week:

Q. What movie sidekick was a spoof of Nick-Nack, the short henchman from “The Man With the Golden Gun”?

A. Mini-Me from the “Austin Powers” movies

Points in your pocket walking in the joint, right there!

The fun starts at 6:30 at Zaffiro’s.  Better show up a little early to get a primo spot, though — there were about 70 of us playing last week!

Oh, just a request — if you’re going to have a really big group tonight,  call ahead and Zaffiro’s will set-up a table and reserve it for you.

See you at the movies!