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Central MN's Favorite Trivia Nights

Central MN’s Favorite Trivia Nights

TRIVIA NINJAS is a great solution for bars looking to increase business on slow nights each week.

Our competitive weekly bar trivia and DJ service create a loyal following among trivia players. Our contests are not just events to players — they become a weekly habit.

And no matter what level of trivia knowledge our players have, a Trivia Ninjas’ Challenge entices them into engagement. After all, we know everybody knows something about something!

Whether our players are trivia virgins or seasoned triviaholics, our Trivia Ninjas create perfectly-balanced questions for every age and gender. And our Floor Warrior keeps the show peppy with sneaky wit and a colorful presentation.

Watch the video below to find out what we do for our “Premium Shows”.



The bottom line, the Trivia Ninjas will bring you a loyal audience on your slow nights at an affordable price. And with our DJ service as part of your Team Trivia experience, your trivia nights will become a party.

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