Special Events

Michelle Owner of the Squishy


Need entertainment to make your special event even more special? Let TRIVIA NINJAS create lasting memories for your guests with customized trivia contests. Couple our contests with our DJ service and you have an affordable, all-in-one entertainment package.

Whether it’s a corporate fun-day, a retreat or your company holiday/anniversary party, a Trivia Ninjas event gets your whole team laughing and sharing their knowledge!  It’s also a great way to get your team to reveal their personal knowledge, hobbies and interests! We have ready made games perfect for off-season corporate events, too!

Every Trivia Ninja Team Event brings smiles to your employees and co-workers, and friendly competition. Just the stuff to create lasting bonds and high-fives.

When you work with the Trivia Ninjas, you’ll always come out ahead from a traditional party, as the cost is much less than that of a live band or a DJ. Plus your entire team participates, not just the dancers and partiers!

Contact the Trivia Ninjas for rates and availability.

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