Watch Californians Eat Minnesota Food, Because #Grapegate

It's only Jello Salad, you tweakers.

It’s only Jello Salad, you tweakers.

In the wake of what can only be called the Grape New York Times Minnesota Kerfuffle, thousands of frozen denizens are coming to the defense of Gopher State cuisine.

ICYMI, New York Times Food writer David Tanis took the advice of a so-called Minnesota-born “heiress‘ and firmly planted the ignominious Grape Salad as the consummate Minnesota dish to be served  on our favorite food day of the year; Thanksgiving. Social media bally-hoo and snark ensued.

We Minnesotans LOVE our cultural food. We HAVE to, I mean we soak fish in lye and eat it. LYE, that stuff you make soap out of and use for quickly decomposing the dead bodies of heiresses. It’s literally poison, people! And we make what is essentially a killer herring out of it!

Oh but there are other wonderful Minnesota dishes we covet, and in a conveniently strange turn of events, or maybe just to capitalize on the internet outrage of the #GrapeGate, a real estate company’s social branch called Movoto brought 8 West-Coasters into a tiny room and fed them the food of the Norse Gods. And the reactions are priceless.



Anyone hungry for dinner, now? I am.