Worst Game Show Answer Ever

Whitney the dipstick

Whitney the dipstick

About a month ago, Whitney had her biggest ‘Blonde Moment’. Whitney was on the very popular Australian game show Millionaire Hot Seat, the Down-Under version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. 

It’s safe to say she’s probably nervous and excited to be on national television. Who wouldn’t be? In fact, many game shows are engineered to be easy to play at home and difficult in person (WE”RE TALKING TO YOU WHEEL OF FORTUNE!). But, we’re pretty sure she wasn’t ready for world-wide fame, and by that, we mean world-wide web fame.

Now as we all know, the questions ALWAYS start out laughably easy. We’re trivia nuts, so yeah, when those first three rounds begin, we’re yelling at the TV; “C’MON MAN! WHO DOESN’T KNOW THAT ONE!?!?!!?!”

On December 16th, we got our answer.




Whitney doesn’t know that one.

Poor Whitney bombed out in hilarious fashion by not realizing that a ‘burger ring’,  isn’t something we wear to symbolize a two-person commitment. Even when the host asked her to read the question again, she confidently spat out the wrong answer.


And all of Australia did a collective facepalm.

There’s a silver lining here. Kind of. At least we know American kids aren’t the only ones doomed. Worst part? Whitney is a TEACHER.

It just goes to show you that you should always listen carefully and contemplate your answers. It’s true, many teams that play in our weekly trivia challenges have talked themselves out of the correct answer. We always say go with your gut, go with your first answer.


Then sweet players, think it through.